New York

Greyhound Musings Pt. 2

New York City is bonkers. It makes small people smaller and big people bigger. I found myself thinking that as I sat in the stadium seating in the middle of Times Square. There’s definitely something to that thought, but I didn’t figure it out all the way. Not yet at least. The massive screens and advertisements on the buildings were insane to see in person. I may have seen Times Square a thousand times on tv, but it was different in person. Models strutting down the runway on tvs 400 feet wide and half a mile long (I was never good at estimating) made me nervous. It was too unreal, I felt like a human shouldn’t be projected up there so big. Like that’s just one guy or one girl up there, and there are a million people on the street in front of me. It was truly a surreal experience. I was in Manhattan for 5 days. I always had the feeling I’d bump into someone I knew. It’s such a big place so it seems like there’s no chance, but also I figured it’s such a big place that there are so many reasons for people to be there moving about. Funny enough, I did see someone I knew as I walked to the subway for the last time to catch my bus heading back home. Unfortunately the encounter didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. Personally, I think I put on such a performance in SPAN 203 first semester freshman year that the pretty girl in class would notice me anywhere we bumped into each other. The fact that I was also wearing my “Beat Duke, Beat Cancer” shirt from school made it especially disappointing she didn’t say anything. I think she recognized me though. And it’s as much my fault as hers for not saying anything.