World Cup

GERMANY vs. brazil

Often times this is dangerous, but I’m gonna go ahead and write this one at half time. Brazil is being completely outclassed. Their feeble attempts at playing balls over the top of Germany’s back line has created 1/2 a chance so far. Aside from Müller’s goal off the corner kick which was the first drop of water that drowned Brazil, all goals so far have come off of short, connected passes in the final third of the field. More specifically inside the 18. This really demonstrates how lost the Brazilian defense is without Silva. Germany was composed throughout, moving as a single unit as opposed to the sporadic movements that have left Brazil in chaos. I predicted Germany to win this game, but I certainly did not see this coming. They do appear to be in stellar form moving into the championship game where I picked them to win before the Cup started as well. It really is unfortunate for Brazil. Neymar is hurt and Silva can’t play because of a stupid yellow card. Firstly, I don’t like the timing at which cards are ‘wiped out’ throughout the tournament, but we can move past that for now. The consecutive yellow card rule simply has to go. Not being able to play in the next game after receiving a single yellow card in back to back games is ridiculous. There’s more than one way to get a yellow card. See Silva’s goalie incident. Or maybe you’re an idiot kicking the ball away after a foul is called. Maybe you had to take your shirt off after a goal for an unforgettable celly. But also, maybe you had to make a string of hard tackles as an imposing offense tried to break through. Maybe you made a last ditch effort to stop a speedster like Ronaldo make his way down the line. Yellow cards are not few and far between in the World Cup. It is way too easy to get back to back yellow cards and I think that rule has to go. Watching Germany pick apart Brazil for the first half, and an unbelievable concentrated 15 minutes, was remarkable. I think we all agree, at least for competition’s sake, that these two teams faced at 100% though.