World Cup


US soccer is touches away from being competitive with the top countries in the world. Playing at world class level that is no small feat and more work than it may seem, but we are getting there. I find no need to summarize the game. I feel bad for you if you missed it. This tournament showed that our defense can make mistakes, we struggle to possess the ball in the middle, and we lack a natural goal scorer who just seems to find new ways to put the ball away. This tournament also showed that we can hang with the likes of Ronaldo, Gyan, Mueller, and Hazard. Yes some of those names still hurt us, but in no match did we have no chance to win. Bradley struggled all tournament, but his energy and chipped ball over top did lead to the teenager Julian Green scoring a goal that gave the US hope for almost 15 more minutes at the end there. Up top it was a shame to lose Altidore. Dempsey had moments of greatness and it will be interesting to see if he vies for a place in the team for the next World Cup when he is 35. Tim Howard is as good as his performance against Belgium. That was no fluke. He’s the reason we were in every game and he showed that he is absolutely a top 5 keeper in the world. At 35, I hate to think that he may have seen his last minutes at the World Cup. The future looks extremely promising though. Yedlin did a great job today, Julian Green gave us a preview of next World Cup, and Altidore, Brooks, Chandler, Diskerud, and Johannsson are all also under 25. Also the younger US teams have continued to feature greater talent and the MLS as a whole improves every year. It was something else watching these four games. I can’t wait to see what we bring to the tournament for years from now.