World Cup

World Cup Opening Game


I have mixed emotions about the first game this year. Although the final score was probably exactly what it should have been between the two teams, I didn’t think it completely reflected how the game went. First off, the first goal of the tournament being an own goal was a bit of a bummer. In comparison, you may remember Tshabalala’s rocket that opened the World Cup in 2010. (Thank goodness vuvuzelas aren’t a thing anymore) I’m all for Neymar scoring and he has all sorts of pressure to perform in the tournament, but his first goal should have been saved. He did do well to cut it back underneath the outstretched leg of the defender though and if you place it off the post like he did you don’t always have to connect 100% with the ball. I absolutely despise Fred for his dive in the box, but I guess he did well enough to sell it. Neymar was lucky again to see his pk go in. After 20-30 shuffle steps he finally struck the ball to see it go off the goalie’s hands into the back of the net. Saving a pk is one of the hardest things in sports so I compliment the goalie for doing as well as he did, but it seemed like he should have been able to make the save based off his read on the shot. The final goal by Oscar, who toe poked the ball into the near post, was the last thing the Croatian keeper needed for his confidence. Despite reacting well to the pk shot, it appeared as though the goalie for Croatia was moving with concrete in his boots. I know a thing or two about how that can slow you down. He really should have done better on the first and third goals. He wasn’t the only one to blame though as Croatia wasted the few good chances they were able to create, particularly headers right in front of the goal. In terms of officiating I don’t enjoy wasting too much of my time talking about it. I will say that Brazil learned early in the match that going to ground was going to yield calls from the referee and they used that to their advantage throughout. It’s frustrating to me because for how much great soccer Brazil plays, they seem to spend an equal amount of time employing conniption after conniption across the field. Stepping away from that match, I’m more than excited about the month of soccer ahead. The commercials have been entertaining and watching that entire stadium sing Brazil’s national anthem was really incredible. Although nothing quite rings true like the Star Spangled Banner for me (it’s probably the language barrier most of the time) it’s awesome seeing both players and fans get really into it. Just tomorrow we have a rematch of the 2010 final match between Spain and Netherlands. Now teams change over four years, but I can assure you that will be a fun one to watch. Before that game we have Mexico vs. Cameroon and later in the day Chile vs. Australia. Three or four games being played every day from now through the 26th is exactly what I need in my life. Mentally preparing myself for the USA game against Ghana Monday night. END