New York

Greyhound Musings Pt. 1

Long hallways, crowded streets, self reflection in a store window. A girl walks across the frame and smiles, pausing the video he analyzes the frame. There’s so much going on, but I can tell it’s her he’s looking at. The angle of her nose and the curves of her lips. A love once shared. A love lost. My heart aches for him. Shots at home. Shots from a museum. Egyptian tombs appear to be the focus, yet she never seems to escape further than the corner of the frame.

I suppose I was a little more nosy (is that really how you spell it? That looks terrible) than I should have been. Especially with my recent intrigue in work behind the camera it was hard to ignore my seat mate working on his project next to me. I don’t actually know what it was about, but I used the little bit I saw without being too obvious to create that short segment above. 98.4% chance I chose to be too dramatic, but don’t stress.

Sometimes people don’t want to talk or share much about themselves, but I think it’s really cool that everyone has such different stories. Something tells me the other people on this bus with me have stories very different from many I’ve heard in the past. I really enjoy hearing all the different stories. Even though I’m not a freshman and have some undefined amount of social skill, at school I still find myself asking people why they chose to come to UNC. The end game is something that we share, but often times the process on the way to the final decision is so different. Equifinality is the word on the tip of my tongue that I resentfully had to look up to remember. It means an end state can be reached by numerous paths. I like to remember that. I’m not sure what my end game is, but I like the thought that I haven’t limited myself quite yet and can use whatever path that I’m currently on to get there. END.


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