Figure It Out

I’m having second guesses about the direction I’m taking with my schooling. There’s just a whole lot of opportunities out there. I think a strength of mine is the ability to look at something, whatever it may be, from numerous perspectives. Understanding the various options and effects. I think a weakness of mine is the ability to be decisive and focus on a single perspective to move forward with. There’s so many places to get advice. It can be something you read in a book, saw in a movie, heard from a friend, or maybe that Instagram of the beach with italicized writing. It can be difficult deciding who or what you want to listen to. I’ve heard that only a fool trips on something behind them. You know, like don’t stress out about anything in the past because that’s all done now. Well there’s always going to be some equally as witty or awe-inspiring quote that says the exact opposite. Something that says, never forget the past because that’s what got you to the present. That’s why we teach history isn’t it? Mater from Cars said, ” Ain’t no need to watch where I’m goin’; just need to know where I’ve been.” There’s always plenty of guidance in kids’ movies. I want to say that I hope to find comfort in uncertainty. No need to worry because the possibilities are endless and there has to be a ton of good possibilities, right? Just be open to all the available opportunities. But also maybe finding comfort in uncertainty is a death sentence. That comfort can turn into complacency and laziness because I’m relying on the fact that there are endless possibilities out there and eventually I’ll figure something out. Maybe it’s best to pinpoint the right opportunity and move forward with it before that opportunity passes. I don’t think one perspective is better than the other. It’s always about finding a balance. Finding the right balance eludes me. And then I’m back at the start.


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