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Well I’ve reached over 1,000 views a month after I started my blog. I had a head start on posting, but I didn’t publicize the existence of my blog until May 26th. I had almost 250 views that first day and I’ve had days with less than 10 views since. There’s always gonna be ups and downs. I haven’t written as much as I’d like to or networked on WordPress as much as I’d have liked to, but I’m still getting views and more followers from time to time. I’d blame the fact that I’m practically worthless after work some days for my decreased activity. I still enjoy the process though. You have to remind yourself that slow progress is still progress. A lot of people don’t understand that, but I think it’s important. You could use it as an excuse, but I’m just saying slow growth doesn’t mean you should stop. I still like to think that my writing consistently gets hundreds of views a day somewhere down the line. On another note I don’t exactly see myself doing concrete work further off into my future. It’s not all bad, but I hope for something else for myself. Sometimes I’m not stoked to be up at 5 in the morning, but I am getting really good at telling the time by the sun’s position in the sky. Unless obligated, sometimes even opposing social norms, I don’t wear a shirt so I’ve managed to avoid a concrete worker’s tan. In case you didn’t know a concrete worker’s tan is very similar to a farmer’s tan only with the addition of pale hands from extended glove use. I plan to have the world’s strongest back by the end of summer with all the shoveling I have to do. A new kid started yesterday. We’ve actually been working at his house for a while now and I guess bossman asked if he wanted any work. He’s a few years younger than me so I’m not longer the new guy or the youngest. He does total new guy things like ask a ton of dumb questions and follow me around. I’m just giving him a hard time, I was doing literally the same thing a few weeks ago. Now that I’m not the new guy I’m brimming with confidence. I do more on my own without asking questions and I even get to give orders from time to time. It’s a lot better than answering to absolutely everyone all the time. I’m a natural born leader… or something. On another note the US finagled it’s way through the ‘group of death’ into the round of 16. Finagled isn’t the perfect word here by definition, but by sound it is, so I’m going with it. Unfortunately with the 12 o’clock start times today I didn’t get to see any of either game, but I checked my phone the few times it was possible. Ronaldo didn’t even look happy when he scored his goal. He was like whatever there you go USA that just about seals it. Well thanks anyway CR7. We’ll play Belgium next game who I had beating us and making it to the final against Germany in my early predictions, but I think we just might have a chance to play more than one extra game. If you ignore how the two teams should play based on stats or potential, I think the two teams are competing at similar levels. The US played pretty solid soccer against Portugal and Ghana and while I didn’t see the game, a 1-0 loss to Germany isn’t terrible. Belgium really hasn’t played as well as I had expected them t,o not looking as potent on the offensive as I predicted they’d be. Nothing too exciting to write about right now, but things are looking up. Hopefully I have another snake encounter over the weekend.


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