Outdoor Adventure

Occoneechee Mountain

All my time on the couch this week sick and home from work had really added up on me by today. Feeling  lot better, I knew it was time to get out and do something. I was familiar with the Occoneechee area, mostly the golf course, but hadn’t ever been there. Turns out there’s a whole Occoneechee Mountain State Natural Area.  I decided in the morning that that would be my destination for the day. The area is in Hillsborough and is set around the Eno River which makes its way through much of Hillsborough and Durham. Elevation rises to 867 feet making it the tallest point in Orange County and as it stands out from the greater surrounding area, someone was able to convince someone else that it deserved to be called a mountain. An abandoned rock quarry on one side of the mountain does allow for an overlooking view unique to the Piedmont region. There are several marked trails, but even with an accompanying map I wasn’t certain where I was. Either the map is wrong or the trails are wrong. Fine by me though I just wanted to explore. A nice looping trail made it especially simple to navigate to and from the parking area. I walked for a while, much along the river, before making it to the quarry area. It was pretty steep, but nothing crazy. I saw a sign that said no rock climbing or rappelling, but it didn’t say don’t be there so I decided to scramble my way to the top. Apparently it was much more dangerous than I thought? I think it’s just some of the ‘mountain’ hype. It was nice seeing something new. I say I’ve done everything around the Triangle just because I’ve always lived here, but I think there’s still a lot more i need to see. Here are some pictures I took from today.

020 - Copy









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