Best New Music

Whether it’s my laptop, phone, or singing in my head I’ve always got something playing. I woke up this morning with The Rock Show by Blink 182 stuck in my head. I don’t remember the last time I heard it and I have no idea how it got there, but I wasn’t exactly mad about it. I’m always looking for new songs to listen to. I have a bad habit of finding a number of new songs I really like and playing them over and over. The good ones I don’t even get tired of, but with even those eventually I realize it’s time to move on. Mostly these days I spend my time on Spotify. I think it’s really fun to see what other people are listening to, I get alerts when new music from artists I follow gets added, there’s a massive selection, I have the ability to make my own playlists as well as listen to others, and the radio option is nice to listen to more music similar to an artist or song of my choosing. There are other benefits of Spotify, but I’m not trying to sell it to you and that list covers how I use the program/app. One problem I have with Spotify is that it doesn’t have everything I want to listen to and because i have the power to build my own playlists, it empowers my complacency in song selection. I find myself listening to the same songs on my playlists all the time and even if I’m happy with it, I’d like to be finding new stuff. I very rarely listen through iTunes these days. I have a lot of music there and they also have the radio option, but there is a very limiting factor to my free music enjoyment there and thus it appears as though I’ve moved on. In the past I’ve spent a lot of time on Hype Machine. I’ve found a lot of good music here, but as of late I seem to have had less luck and there is decreased searchability. One plus is that it pulls in music from all sorts of other music blogs so finding a song you like may lead you to a blog that constantly posts similar music. Pandora seems to be on it’s way out, replaced by Spotify. With so little control, it can be hard to find much of what you want. I will say though, every once in a while you’ll find a station that really hits its marks. You’ll need the all the planets to line up, but I’m saying it can happen. CHVRCHES is a band I’ve taken a lot of interest in and that station tended to do really well for me. Frank Ocean radio had some highlights as well. I’m trying to figure out where my next source or sources of music will be. There are so many blogs and websites out there, I just need to find one that impresses me enough to stick around for a while. My first step should probably be giving one of these sites a chance… For the moment I’ll leave you with a few newerish songs, at least for me, that I’ve been listening to. I’ve been listening to a heck of a lot of Tove Lo the last week or so. Everyone seems to know her song Habits (Stay High), and that was my first introduction to her work as well. Most of her previous success came as a ghostwriter, but Habits seems to have put her on the map and I think she’s looking to start touring soon. She doesn’t have a ton of music out now to my knowledge, but my favorite is Not On Drugs. Alt-J released their first album in 2012, but I wasn’t familiar with them until last year. I really liked the album especially Something Good and Breezeblocks. Very recently they released a single from their upcoming album called Hunger Of The Pine.This is their first music since their last album and I don’t like the new song quite as much as I liked many of their older ones, but I’m still excited to hear the new album. Lastly is a group called Broods which I only just found while writing this post. I found a blog post about their new single Mother & Father which I enjoyed so I decided to look into them some more. Never Gonna Change was my favorite out of the other handful I listened to and the accompanying music video is my favorite kind of weird. Check it out. That’s it for now. Feel free to let me know of any other good sources of music or some of your favorite songs you’re listening to right now. END


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