Social Media

Social Media Burnouts

I could write about the World Cup every day, but I’m gonna try to keep things fresh around here. It only takes one post to become Vine famous these days. You can go from nobody, to internet famous, back to nobody in just a few weeks. Some people hang around at the top for a while and some people never make it there. It works the same on other medias like Twitter and Instagram, but Vine seems to be the most volatile. Honestly it scares me a little. Some of these people on Vine have insane cult followings, mostly adoring teens and tweens, but you may be surprised about the number of older people using the app. You see vines dedicated to other favorite Viners or compilations of their favorite vines from a certain Viner. It can get really, really intense. I started thinking about some of the younger users who have found continued fame at such a young age. I began to wonder how far they can take their vine success and how long it lasts. Some Viners have developed incomes through touring or advertisings other apps or products through their vines. If their success doesn’t last, and they don’t move on from their Vine glory days, is their short lived social media celebrity simply breeding more child celebrity burnouts? Kids who can’t figure out life after fame. I’m using these terms similar to child movie stars who have trouble growing up. Some of them make too much money for their own good at a young age or get introduced to the Hollywood fast life before they are able to handle it. Macaulay Culkin is documented as having a handful of troubles following his career as everyone’s favorite forgotten child in Home Alone, including issues with drug addiction. It is a bit of a dramatic thought, but I do wonder how many of these vine famous characters have much talent or ambition outside of their ‘vine talent’. For those who don’t find incredible success outside of vine, who previously reveled in the fame and glory that being internet famous is, how do they react to a life no longer full of likes, comments, and revines? Kids are finding fame and even income in accounts on other media like Twitter and Instagram. Looking at it from another angle, instead of simply breeding a generation of kids who can’t do anything but play on their phones, maybe the successes of these Viners, Tweeters, and the like is a sign of exactly what’s to come. People have been making money with YouTube accounts for years. Selling advertising space or doing product reviews. These newer social medias offer many of the same opportunities. Someone with an old school point of view may think it’s absurd that one can make a living off of an app. An old iron smith won’t think making money from silly videos is a man’s work. (I don’t personally know any iron smiths) Well someone who had watched these medias be created and evolve may understand that social media will only continue to grow and become more common of an income source for people all over the world. I’m not certain these vine famous people are already there, but honestly I’m not certain some of them are that far off. In the end it will never be one or the other. I do think that the success of some of these younger kids on social media will increase the number of children who grow up thinking all the knowledge they need to succeed is how to work these various apps or websites. There’s an ‘it’ factor and sometimes you just don’t have it or don’t get it. Social media doesn’t work for everyone and it shouldn’t be relied on. On the other hand I do believe that social media will become more significant and a valid working income for those who can understand it and keep up with its day to day evolution. And that’s what I thought about while I’m home sick from work today. END.


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