World Cup

Whose Camel Is Picking The World Cup Games?

Have y’all seen the clips of the camel picking the winners of the World Cup games these days? Well after a little research I was able to find out that the camel is named Shaheen and he even picked the Dutch upset over Spain. Shaheen didn’t even seem to consider Spain in his selection so he must have known something about the 5 goals by the Netherlands that were on the way. Shaheen also correctly picked Brazil, Argentina, and Italy as the winners of their first round games. I can’t find video of the other selections made so far. Maybe you remember Paul the Octopus who selected many of the winners of the 2010 world cup. He even got the final right. Unfortunately, only a few months after the 2010 Cup, Paul passed away. A moment of silence for him. I don’t know why animals picking winners has become such a thing, but I really get a kick out of it. Buffett the Manatee had picked the Super Bowl winner correctly for the last six years before his streak came to an end this year when he went with the Broncos. I don’t blame you Buffett. I didn’t see it coming either. Every year there seems to be hamsters, dogs, cats, and more picking NCAA March Madness brackets. On somewhat of a more serious note we have a groundhog that picks how long winter is for us. I suppose that still doesn’t really mean much though. I’d like to put forward the idea that we allow more trivial decisions to be made by animals in the future.


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