Band Names

How do you come up with a band name? In blogging content is king, and obviously for a musician their content is the main focus as well, but I figure the name has to play a pretty pivotal role as well, right? There are all sorts of studies, some that seem to stretch more than others, that suggest our lives are heavily affected simply by the decision our parents make in naming us. It makes me realize that I definitely need to change the name of my own blog. Sometimes artists choose to use their given names or use only a slight variation. Examples include Kanye West, Christopher Francis Ocean (Frank Ocean), Elena “Ellie” Goulding, and plenty more. Sometimes these stage names transform from real names to nicknames. While not completely changing their identity, they differ more so than just shortening a name or using a middle name (see Kendrick Lamar Duckworth). Some examples may include Chancelor Bennett who goes by Chance The Rapper, or Dwayne Carter Jr. who you likely know as Lil Wayne. Next are the artists who don’t even pretend to include their given name in what they go by on stage. Whether or not this decision is used to separate their on stage persona from their daily life personality is completely up to the artist. Something like Childish Gambino, Gentleman Contender, Clams Casino, Ghostface Killah and more. So far I’ve only talked about solo artists. When it comes to band names, group acts tend to be my favorite. There has always been the combination of ‘frontman’ and the ‘blanks’. You got Florence + The Machine, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, and Bob Marley & The Wailers. I suppose that name formation might be a little more old school, but certainly not out of the question. My favorite band names tend to come from group acts that pass on highlighting a member and instead just come up with something they like. Every group has their own story so I’m sure plenty have relevance, but I’d wager just as many were completely random. Groups like The String Cheese Incident, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, or Bowling For Soup. There isn’t a limit to naming your band and I appreciate everyone that continues to validate that statement. I’ll leave you with a few band names I’ve come up with on my own that I may or may not eventually come up with music to accompany: Simultaneous Combustion, Who Put The Remote In The Fridge Again?, Campfire Bat Mitzvah, Lemonade Sit, Accidental SkyDive, Our Vests Are Ironic, Tom Bousquet, Anticipatory Breakfast, Escalator Seance, 2:30 Dentist Appointment, and Frida Kahlo’s Sunrise Rodeo. END


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