Perpetual Motion

It was obvious today how much happier I am when I’ve got stuff going on compared to days where I’m just sitting around. I’m not half bad at operating before sunrise these days. Also, it’s kind of weird actually being tired at the end of the day. I pass out right around ten which is hilarious because I went to bed around three in the morning all second semester. Work today was shoveling, washing, and moving beautiful Delaware blend quarry rock that will be used in the decorative concrete. I realized that the tune I thought Jose has been humming is actually him singing, “Un otro día en paraíso.” And another day in paradise it was, Jose. After a particularly dirty day at work it wasn’t long before I met with a friend about a start up she’s working on. I think it will be really good for me to be involved especially as I try to gain experience in advertising and I love the entrepreneurial spirit. After that I came home and had dinner. Dinner was more exciting than normal because Dad told me to start helping him plan a trip out west for the end of summer. He mentioned Olympic National Park in Washington, but said that was open to interpretation. Rocky Mountain, Zion, Yosemite, and more will be tough to follow, but I can’t wait to do some more ‘splorin’. Now I’ve got plenty to think about when I’m working out in the sun during the day so that’s nice to. When I get lost in my
thoughts and zone out I can really crank out some high quality manual labor work. I’ve been told that as I continue to apply for internships and jobs it’s important to have a story. Well a story worth telling that sets you apart. In that sense I think I’m doing alright this summer. The whole internship thing didn’t work out, but I’m writing a blog, working concrete, trying to get a little better at Spanish, working on a start up, traveling a little bit, and trying to make it all count for something. I’m cool with that. END


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