Roller Coaster Millionaire

For a long time I’ve had this idea where I somehow make money riding roller coasters as my profession. It would be difficult at first, but definitely possible. I really need to succeed in marketing myself to various amusement parks. I think it would likely start with roller coaster review videos. I figure I ride the coasters with a helmet cam capturing the experience and finish with a commentary on the ride filled with dramatic insight and hilarity. Eventually my reviews go viral and everybody loves enjoying the rides with me. Advances in virtual reality like Oculus Rift are extremely beneficial for me as viewers. albeit experiencing the ride through a computer, feel like they are actually on the ride next to me. As time moves on my reviews serve as advertising for the rides I enjoy and people make it a point to go to the parks I visit. Soon I begin to be invited to amusement parks all over the world and am compensated for the significant increases in attendance the parks see due to my services. Parks will advertise their rides as ones I’ve reviewed and soon I begin to start saying no to certain rides which don’t operate at the level of my standards. I’ll produce shirts, hats, umbrellas and more featuring my brand and different rides I’ve reviewed. Money really starts to come in when I begin to be contacted by clothing companies who would like to sponsor me and supply me with shoes, shirts, and more to wear at the parks and be featured in the reviews that I record. I would travel the world, meet exciting people, and get to ride roller coasters all day. It’s a dream job for sure.


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