Stomp The Yard Taught Me Everything I Know About Women

I am privileged enough to be sitting on my couch watching Stomp The Yard right now. One of the greatest motion capture films of all time, it is only rivaled by Drumline featuring Nick Cannon. At least if we’re talking about random movies that show up once in a blue moon on VH1. Besides incredibly choreographed step team dance scenes as well as the story of a troubled youth finding himself in college through trials and tribulations, Stomp The Yard is also a movie about finding love. In the film, the protagonist, DJ Williams who is played by Columbus Short, finds himself in a convoluted love triangle where he battles another rival fraternities’ top stepper, Grant played by Darrin Henson, for the love of a college friend April Palmer, played by the beautiful Meagan Good. You may think that the early exit of Chris Brown, who acted as the brother of the protagonist and has since fallen from grace, may have hindered the movie, but that was certainly not the case. Ultimately, Grant’s materialistic view of love and distorted view of himself is no match for the good guy DJ whose moves along with loyalty, determination, and most of all observation skills sweep April off her feet. What I would deem to be the rising action of the love story between April and DJ is a scene where DJ impresses April with the attention he has paid her. April flirtatiously asks him what he thinks her favorite color is. DJ’s response, “Well. You always wear green eye shadow, your favorite ring has green in it, and I’m gonna bet your car is green. Right?” Oh he got her. April finally decides DJ is the one for her when at a dinner date where Grant has attempted to make her swoon with a priceless ring she asks the same question of him. Grant is all like, “IDK… red? Nah blue.” Seriously Grant, get your act together. So basically what I learned from Stomp The Yard is that girls love it when you take the time to pay attention and notice things about them. And I guess I don’t actually know that much about women. Never seeing Stomp The Yard 2: Homecoming, may prove to be more fatal of a mistake than I ever could have imagined. Whatever, I’ve still got some time to figure this all out. Here I am blogging about Stomp The Yard, so I guess you could say things are looking up for me. END


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