Music Video

Pretty uneventful day at work today, but it was shorter than the past few days so that was nice. I found myself thinking about my music video idea that I’ve decided to keep pocketed in case the opportunity arises. The thing is I’m not really in the music scene, despite the fact that I like to pretend that I know what I’m talking about. I still think it’s a good idea to at least have a plan. Another issue is that I don’t currently have a song to go along with the music video and considering my complete lack of musical inclination it’s unlikely I craft one in the near future. Honestly, my music video concept is so phenomenal it actually doesn’t matter what song it is set to. You could pick any song ever made, or any song to come out in the future and not only would the music video go along with it, it would make the song better. So here’s the idea. I’m sprinting. The music video is roughly 40 different shots of me running at full pace in different locations. The individual shots can’t be too long because me moving at anything less than 100% velocity is not acceptable. The location of the shots will vary greatly. I picture the crowded city street shot, the barely traversable jungle scene (likely log hurdle), an empty church, through the mall (escalator involved, direction undecided), through a stream, the into the ocean scene is followed by the the frozen section at a grocery store, through a major sporting event, through a construction area, into a tunnel (not out of, too cliche), desert shot, amusement park shot, airport runway, and more. I don’t want to give everything away. Making the video even more impressive is that not only will the location of the shots vary, but also the point of view of the shots. There will be six different angles used. One where I’m running away from the camera, one where I’m running towards the camera, one from my left and one from my right. Those were probably expected. In addition to those four options, there will also be the birds eye point of view shot as well as a shot taken from my own point of view. People everywhere will establish insane reasoning as to what the video is about and what deep moral codes it alludes to. Honestly it’s just brilliant and there isn’t much more to it. At least I think so. A few songs that I think may pair well include: Feel Flows, I’m God, and Howling At The Moon. END


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