5 Feet Deep and Five Feet Wide

I realized my awkward use of the numeral and word for the number 5ive in my title only after I was done writing the post and I am going to keep it because it is edgy. On another note, I didn’t plan on keeping up with the Holes references, but goodness gracious I have never done so much shoveling in my life. Today was mega rough. I basically shoveled rocks from 7 in the morning til 3:30 in the afternoon. I don’t carry my phone around so I don’t have too much of a clue what time it is most often. Today as I continued to move shovel full after shovel full I started wondering what time it was and figured we had worked through lunch because it looked like we might be getting some rain. About half an hour after I came up with that notion Bossman announces that it’s noon and time to take a break for lunch. I almost just blacked out right then and there. I ended up powering through though and I think I’ll get a lot better as days continues to pass. Apparently we’re doing a lot of work we don’t normally do because someone else backed out of their job last minute so my crew has to fill in for them. That was reassuring to hear because even if I get the strongest back muscles in the world from all this shoveling, I’m still not super interested in doing it for entire days. Yesterday I went to the gym after I came back from work and hung around for a minute. That wasn’t even a consideration today. Waking up early didn’t bother me again, but I did a heck of a lot more work today than I did on my first day. I’m falling asleep writing this and it’s not even six yet. I also spent some time today thinking about the name I’d like to use for my current work position on LinkedIn. You know, one of those fancy names that doesn’t mean anything. I want to say there’s a better word than euphemism for what i’m going for, but that might be it. I couldn’t come up with anything better than Artisan Concrete Technician, but I expect more out of myself than that. I smell hamburgers from my room so although I intended on saying a little bit more in this post, it will have to come to an abrupt conclusion. It’s for the better. #ftb #fortheburgers


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