Top 3

Given an unlimited amount of money, what would your first three purchases be? This is one of my favorite questions. There are a plethora of good answers and everyone tends to be a little different in their logic. It also tells me if you’re any fun to talk to and have somewhat of a personality. I’ve known my answer to this question for a long time and it hasn’t changed. Purchase number one. A giraffe. First off, giraffes are my favorite animal. They are as beautiful as they are majestic. I have never touched or fed a giraffe, but I dream of the day that I do. Not only does this choice make sense based on the magnificence of the creature, but it also serves as an exceptional source of transportation. Go ahead and try to not look regal as you parade around on the back of your giraffe, I dare you. While there are not currently giraffe lanes on the highway, they are capable of reaching speeds close to 35 miles per hour over short distances and have an incredible mpg for city riding. Also, have you ever seen giraffes fight? Those cute little head nubs can do some serious damage when that long neck starts swinging. My giraffe would be sure to take care of me. We would do everything together. I think her name would either be Millicent or Florence. Purchase number two. A boat. I love being on the water. With another source of transportation I am given the opportunity to reign supreme on both the land and sea domains and increase my range of adventure. It wouldn’t be a massive boat, but it would be big enough for my giraffe to accompany me when desired. Spending time on the ocean is one of the most relaxing things I can think of. I love fishing and all sorts of the other activities made more enjoyable with a boat. Having a boat would also certainly increase my searching for rare marine life capabilities. Purchase number three. You may be led to assume that my third purchase is another form of transportation, perhaps giving me dominion over the air. Actually purchase number three is the arcade version of the video game Hydro Thunder. There never has been and there never will be another video game created equally. The thrill that accompanies engaging the boost lever to the right of the steering wheel is matched by none. The graphics, game music, boat and course selection are the pinnacle of gaming. I may never love again, the way that I love Hydro Thunder. I know that purchases two and three are both water vehicle related. You want to tell me to diversify my assets. I mean no disrespect, but these three purchases could not have been any more meticulously crafted. If I could spend the day on the water, ride my giraffe home whispering sweet nothings in her ear, and come home only to relax in my Hydro Thunder driving seat (I like to take a few slow laps to end my day, just appreciate the scenery you know?) then I would be the happiest man. Think I’m wrong? What would your three be? END.


2 thoughts on “Top 3

  1. Mariam Tsaturyan says:

    Hmm..interesting question, never thought about it before. Probably (1) personal jet as I love traveling, and wouldn’t want to depend on commercial airlines, (2) Luxury Spa so I can always get free massages and other treatments, and (3) As many houses as I could afford all over the world. I’ll probably come up with different answers sometimes later, but for now, with the mood I am in, these are it.

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