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The Michelangelo of Concrete

Remember that whole odd jobs spiel I gave the other day? Well I just so happened to find myself with some work for tomorrow. Yesterday as I was about to complete the last section of my yard while mowing the lawn my neighbor walked up to me and asked what I was doing this summer. I was about to give him the ol’ sob story about how none of the internships I applied for worked out when he cut me off and told me he was looking for some extra hands at work these days. Well my neighbor owns his own concrete business. They don’t do sidewalks or parking lots or stuff like that, but specialize in projects at people’s houses. He started to get really excited and showed me pictures of past projects he’s worked on. They do all sorts of stuff from backyard pathways to decorative driveways. While a manual labor job like this isn’t something I’d much considered in the past it was cool to see his passion and interest in his work. It turns out concrete can be a lot more exciting than I thought and he actually does some really cool stuff. I’m not in the position to say no to experience/money these days so today I went over and told him I’d be able to help out. I was happy to hear that the pay will be good and a little less happy to hear that we’re leaving tomorrow around 5:45 in the morning. I’ll get over it. I tend to find myself even more amusing than normal when I’m exhausted so I’ll get a kick out of it. Also, because we start so early we finish up pretty early too so I’ll have my afternoons still. I’m definitely happy to be able to add something to my list of experience and even though it isn’t much related to what I have in mind for my future (author’s note: who am I kidding saying I know what I’ll be doing in the future) it’s something. I figure if I can say that I spent a summer laying concrete then most people will assume I’m a pretty hard worker at least. Shout out to trade work too. Maybe after my concrete stint I’ll see what I can do about working with some smiths. I’m not metallist; iron, copper, steel, I’ll work with whatever. I’m not entirely sure what I’m getting myself into, but I’m happy to have the opportunity to act on my odd jobs manifesto. Maybe they need some help with advertising or developing a social media presence. Maybe I work my way all the way to the top and become an artisan concrete mogul. (artisan concrete mogul is the perfect name for my new made up garage rock band) No matter what happens, tomorrow’s post ought to be interesting. END


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