Describe Me In Music

Do you remember when you first heard that song on the radio? It seems like my mom can tell me the year of every song that comes on the radio from when she was growing up. I can give you a decent guess most of the time, but I really don’t think songs stick out to me like that. It’s kinda funny all of the different phases you go through in your musical preferences as you grow older. Maybe you’re embarrassed about the days when you only listened to bebop jazz or you laugh when you remember the week when you listened to Led Zeppelin played backwards trying to catch all of the subliminal messaging. The music you listened to can tell you something about what you were going through during that time of your life. Maybe you were dealing with the aftermath of a break up or you were training to make a sports team. I think I have a pretty wide music appreciation. I can’t really tell you my favorite songs, although Kiss from a Rose by Seal comes to mind, or favorite bands, but I can tell you what I’m listening to at the time. One thing I don’t like about music is genres. I hate em. Of course they have a perfectly legitimate reason for existing in that they categorize music and make it easier to sort and keep track of. The issue is there has become an incredible surplus of them and people like to argue about them. To me good music is good music, but that isn’t how everyone feels. Go ahead and Youtube any ‘techno’ song, for lack of a better word. Maybe computer generated. Make your way through the comment section and it won’t take you long to realize that you aren’t in fact listening to a ‘techno’ song, but rather a terrible trip hop song, or one of the best indietronica songs of all time. You know what, I take that back actually. Genres are fine by me, because the time people have put into differentiating their favorite artists from everyone else is hilarious. Go ahead and stop by the Wikipedia list of electronic music genres. some of my favorites include nintendocore, acid jazz, liquid funk, terrorcore, tribal house, and japanoise. I might have gone a little overboard there, but it really gave me a chuckle. I took the liberty of linking my favorite song from each genre so you can check them out. I’m just kidding, I picked the first Youtube hit for all of them, but I did know the tribal house one. I don’t remember how I stumbled on that one, but I actually kinda dig it. On an unrelated note, speaking of one of my other favorite Wikipedia lists. I was going to try to work my way back through the years recalling different songs I was listening to at the time, but that required a lot more thinking than I realized. I’m still gonna give it a go, but maybe not quite year by year. These days Spotify has me being a pretty complacent music listener. I find something I like, add it to a playlist, and keep that playlist running on repeat. Honestly I need to diversify a little bit. A recent find of mine has been a group called Young Wonder. Before them and a few other similar artists I was going through one of my powerful female voices phase. I’m a sucker for a girl with pipes, she’ll get me every time. Give me some Alicia, Whitney, Florence and even Lorde can impress. At the beginning of college, Macklemore came out with his first big album and played at a local concert venue. I couldn’t get enough of the album. Even got to buy the dude chicken wings after the concert which is another post in itself. In between graduating from high school and starting at UNC was a time of celebration and one last strong display of teenage angst. I can always rely on Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton for what I refer to fondly as angry chick music. And let’s be honest we all know this is the Vanessa Carlton you wanted. The wristbands make me swoon. I’m realizing all of the bands and songs I’m jumping over and I hate leaving so many of them out. I’m gonna make a few pretty huge jumps to keep this post a little shorter, but this has made me realize I’ve definitely got some more material for the future with this type of post. We all loved those middle school days. A period of success for some, failure for others, and trials and tribulations for all. I’d be lying if I didn’t fall victim to bands like Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Relient K, and All American Rejects. Wow, there’s some really spectacular angst right there, too. Can’t leave out Sum 41 around 4th grade. I took the All Killer No Filler cd from my older brother. One last final jump. This one takes us all the way back to kindergarten. More often than not I was running around singing Smash Mouth. Then comes the holy grail. For my birthday in kindergarten I was gifted a cassette tape. This wasn’t just any ordinary cassette tape though. This was the Eiffel 65 cassette tape. Funny enough, this very album ended up being revisited my senior year of high school. Even more funny is that the uneducated Eiffel 65 listener may think that Blue (Da Ba Dee) was the best song on that album. I’d venture to say it isn’t even top 5. Try on Too Much of Heaven for size. So that’s it for now. A quick summation of my life through various song selections. Hopefully you don’t think any differently of me based on what I’ve chosen to put here. Or at least if you think differently it’s because you are thoroughly impressed with the vast spread I’ve gifted you here. I’ve always enjoyed listening to music and especially these days I’m probably listening to something during the majority of my activities whether it’s school work or mowing the lawn. This post ended up being a little haphazard, but it was a good first go I think and I know I’ve got plenty more music for you in the future. I think fewer songs at a time and more description of the songs/related memories would likely make for a more captivating post, but this one is kinda fun due to the chaos that is the 20something links I’ve included. Maybe there are some readers out there that needed a shake up to their listening. What are some songs that you’re listening to now or really take you back? END


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