World Cup

World Cup 2014

Just about two weeks out from the greatest sporting event in the world. I’m incredibly excited, but honestly I hadn’t been thinking too much about it just yet because it was still a ways off from the end of school. Earlier at the gym I saw on ESPN that there was a US friendly against Azerbaijan tonight. Honestly, I had no idea about it previously and figured I’d watch it, but also knew there’d be hockey and basketball going on to watch as well. As time for the soccer game grew nearer I realized where my priorities lay. It’s soccer time. Watching the game really got me excited about the month of soccer I have ahead of me. The game wasn’t particularly pretty, but there were some flashes of brilliance here and there. I feel like we’re just one touch away from some really good soccer a lot of the time. But lemme tell you, sometime that one touch really lacks some quality. Overall the performance wasn’t spectacular, but at least we got the clean sheet, put a couple in the back of the old onion bag, and came out with the win. Tim Howard is still a world class goalie and I’m more than comfortable having him between the posts. Bradley was playing attacking center mid and appeared to get pretty tired as the game wore on, but also did a good job controlling the middle and spreading the ball wide to the wings and finding Altidore a few times up top. Graham Zusi playing wing looked really good to start and created a lot of chances with balls played in the box. I think he’s gonna be huge in determining our success and definitely someone to keep an eye on. I was bummed out not seeing Dempsey out there, but there wasn’t any reason for him to play if he wasn’t feeling 100%. All the speculation about his health during the game from the commentators was absolutely killing me. Commentary is a lost art if you ask me. I don’t remember the last time I wasn’t vehemently repulsed at the futile attempts of commentary in an attempt to fill empty air space (strong language!). I’d rather just listen to the ball bounce or get kicked around. Sometimes I’ll turn the volume off and listen to music if I’m really feeling sour about the whole thing. I don’t mean to go off on a rant though. I also refuse to go on a tangent about how completely ridiculous it is that Landon Donovan was not named as one of the 23 on the roster. I have nothing else to say. But back to the squad we did field, the one major concern I have is our defense. DeMarcus Beasley has had some great caps for the US, but at 32 years old he’s not what he once was out wide. With very little experience on the back line besides Beasley, and especially without a strong center back presence, I’m concerned about how we’ll match up against high profile strikers. In Group G with Germany, Portugal, and Ghana, we have our work cut out for us , but I think we’ll advance. I believe that we will win, right? In our first game against Ghana I’m going with a 1-1 tie. I don’t think we’ll come out the way we want to and this will have everyone writing us off already. There will be hours of talk if Donovan is gonna get called and whatever other conspiracy Alexi Lalas feels like throwing at us. Next match-up against Portugal is interesting. If Christiano Ronaldo isn’t the best player in the world right now, he’s probably top 3 and undoubtedly top 5. It was truly a treat watching him and Ibrahimovic go back and forth as Portugal finally got the upper hand on Sweden knocking them out of tournament contention. Moment of silence for this World Cup not being blessed with everything Zlatan. Have you seen that guys’ twitter? It’s such a shame that the Gods had to choose between Christiano and Ibra,  but if we’re honest with ourselves I definitely think Portugal as a team deserved the World Cup appearance over Sweden. Well keeping track of Ronaldo is going to be an issue, but I don’t think he scores against us. Maybe an assist, but no goals not counting penalties here. We’ll probably have 3 people face guarding him the whole game. He’s still gonna have a game, even if it was him and a goalie against us he’d still probably have a game, but it’s gonna take someone else to beat us. However, I think we surprise everyone here with a win. I think we might see some magic from Dempsey and watch out for Aron Johannsson coming off the bench. Johannsson may be more of a threat in the 2018 World Cup, but I think he’s gonna be a something to pay attention to if he gets some quality minutes. Germany is a whole nother story. I can’t see us getting the win here. I don’t think anyone in Group G is going to beat Germany. There’s simply too much talent and high level experience there. Germany will advance with their 9 points and the US fills the second advancing position with 4 points. Portugal and Ghana tie in their match-up giving Ghana 2 points in Group G and leaving a very disappointed Portugal with only 1. Yes, these predictions are a bit bold, but I don’t think they are incredibly out of the question. Unfortunately the second slot of Group G matches up with the first slot of Group H which I believe will be Belgium. I really like the young talent on the Belgian team and have them making a run to up until the Final where they lose to Germany. The home country Brazil loses to Germany in the Semi-Finals and the reigning champions Spain meet their demise in the same round on the other side against Belgium. In 2002, I remember watching the opening games at an indoor soccer camp I was at. In 2006, I ran out of the car just in time to see the Zidane headbutt. In 2010, I remember watching almost all the games with my friends talking about how we’ll be halfway through college the next time the World Cup comes around. If you forgot how that one went...I’m sorry about the background songs. There’s still a little time to get your scarves, flags, and jerseys for this year. We’ll see what our boys can do.


2 thoughts on “World Cup 2014

  1. Ben Klavon says:

    Great article about the World Cup Tom! I love seeing people’s opinions about soccer because it seems like no one truly appreciates the sport. I like your opinion about how the group stage is gonna turn out. However, I believe if we don’t come away with 3 points against Ghana are chances of advancing are basically 0%. I agree with you in that Germany will be getting all 9 points. I think they are going to win it all this year personally. Then there is Portugal. Ronaldo is hot coming off the Champions League Title. He is playing out of his mind. No doubt he is the best player, even though you can make a strong argument for Messi or Suarez. Portugal will be getting the W against Ghana, and maybe a draw against Germany. So we are going to need to either win or draw Portugal. It may even come down to goal differential to see who advances. Hopefully Dempsey will be ready to play because we need strong striker like him. As for Landon, I stand by Klinsmann’s decision. It is truly a shame that we will most likely not see him play for a 4th WC, but the coach always gets the final say. Jurgen is a crafty man and I have full confidence in his decision. Either way I am excited for what this WC has in store for us. It is gonna be fun to watch and hopefully USA can pull off a few miracles.

    • Thanks for the comment, Ben! I do think that Jurgen knows what he’s doing, but I wasn’t ready to cut Donovan myself. Admittedly Ronaldo is definitely hot right now, despite his antics after what I thought was a silly penalty call. Making it past Portugal is wishful thinking, but I don’t think impossible. I also think you’re right about goal differential, it always seems to play an important role. Maybe we’ll have another dose of the Cardiac Kids we all followed last year with a new hero.

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