Still Room for a Renaissance Man?

The term renaissance man was first used to describe men who exhibited proficient skill sets in numerous different areas. Men who excelled in math and science as well as writing and the arts. It was also noted that that these men all shared in their passion for the consumption of pizza. Nope, never mind, that was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Today I was wondering if it has become harder to be a renaissance man. Not exactly in the sense of the brilliant minds of the Renaissance Age, but the looser application of the term simply describing someone talented across multiple disciplines. There’s no lack of talented people out there, but I’m talking about someone who earns their livelihood through multiple disciplines. A professional renaissance man so to speak. I’m very aware that I’m no da Vinci or Michelangelo, but I think I’m a pretty well rounded guy. As I’ve grown older and moved towards life after college and finding a job, I’ve continued to struggle in deciding exactly what profession I’d like to pursue. I think I know the right direction for me now a lot better than I did a few years ago, but there’s just so much that I’m interested in. My recent kick was advertising and that has somewhat evolved into something more social media related. I suppose that’s just a specialization of advertising. Before that I thought I might be more interested in pursuing something psychology related. Social psychology was where I found most of my interest so the development toward advertising/marketing/social media made some sense..Before that I thought I’d major in biology because all I wanted to do was work with animals. I like dogs and cats, but I wasn’t interested in anything domesticated. I’m talking about tracking towers of giraffes (that’s what a group of giraffes is called, I looked it up), or finding out that loggerhead sea turtle blood holds the key to the cure of some rare disease. I’ve always hoped to travel and see the world and although I don’t photograph particularly well I’ve wondered from time to time if I could find success on the silver screen. The problem is it seems hard enough to break into one industry let alone make it in multiple. The entry level college internships I’ve been applying for recently have suggested applicants have work experience and be pursuing a master’s program somewhere. Here I am trying to get my first experience and my foot in the door and quite simply that just hasn’t been working out for me. I love the idea of working on something new all the time. I don’t want a job behind a desk where I’m doing the same thing day in and day out. If I got to make all the decisions I’d work in advertising and psychology research and travel the world studying exotic wildlife as I made a documentary about my life. I don’t want to limit myself at all. I know some people that knew what they wanted to do early on in high school and they’re still on pace to accomplish exactly what they wanted and move on towards their profession. That just wasn’t me. There’s so much going on I have trouble narrowing it all down. There’s a reason you pick a major in college, and work your way from the bottom in an industry. I get it, you’re never going to make it to a high level of whatever it is you’re interested in with only a basic skill set and knowledge of what’s going on. That’s why so much time, effort, and resources must be dedicated to work and studies because if the same thing is continuously studied and practiced there will never be an progression. I don’t mean to come off as whiny, and I don’t think I deserve some special treatment, I just like to think that I don’t have to decide on one profession and that there’s some way I get to work on everything that I’ve wanted. Become my own version of a modern renaissance man.


7 thoughts on “Still Room for a Renaissance Man?

  1. In reading this, I get the feeling Life may want you to simply create your own pathways. You have some amazing ideas stated here, why wait for others to give you permission to do it their way when you can forge ahead under your own steam?

    • You know what, I think you’re right. I’ve always enjoyed doing my own thing, or doing things my own way. I think it’s time I start acting on my ideas instead of sitting on them. I appreciate your comment.

      • It’s great to hear you’re having a change of heart! Your ideas matter. The more you make them matter, the more others will naturally gravitate to your vision… then the magic begins! I truly believe this…

  2. After reading this I can tell you you’re on the right track to becoming a modern renaissance man. You have experimented with various jobs, studies, careers; you’re still looking for new opportunities and challenges of ”the mind”. Let us know how it goes! I’m stuck on a ‘pre-renaissance phase’ right now haha!

    • Thanks for the comment! I think the only thing that can put your growth at a standstill is a failure to act. Now I’m trying to break free of simply dreaming up these plans and rather act on them instead.

      • I understand you a 100%, I’ve always had these projects that end up in the world of ideas or dreams and I never actually make them happen. This year I have said enough! and I’m working on them from a concrete, solid foundation. It’s hard but it’s possible and once you start seeing your dreams materialize is the best feeling ever!

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