Me n the Homies

Within minutes of posting about my new blog project on Facebook my view count began to crawling upwards. Granted I only had 5 views before I made the post, so it didn’t take much. It’s really cool looking at the stats that WordPress keeps. As I write this my blog has been viewed 216 times. It’s pretty cool thinking a bunch of people out there bothered to check out what I have to say. I suppose I can’t confirm they actually read anything, but 200 people clicking on the wrong link just sounds like too much of a coincidence, right? Apparently I even had visitors from Argentina, Indonesia, Finland, and Colombia. I can get down with going global. I can also see what links sent people here and what links people clicked on. I noticed my readers started losing interest in the later links in my most recent post… I may have gone a little overboard, but we’ll make it work. This post is to serve as a thanks to everyone that checked it out. Even if nobody was reading it I think I’d still post from time to time. It’s a good time waster and I like getting some thoughts out instead of just losing them as time passes. However, knowing that there’s people out there who may appreciate what I have to say, have an opinion about something, or call me out on grammar mistakes makes it a lot more exciting. Everyone that liked the Facebook post or shared it, double thanks to y’all. My social media beacon grew many times over today thanks to your efforts. I’ve mentioned it before, but being interested in advertising and social media marketing, a huge part of it is how many of the right people you can get your message to. Of course you have to have a strong message too so I’ll keep working on that, but seeing how far my message could be spread in just a few hours with a single post on another social media site made me wonder how much farther I can take this. I think my next goal, besides hopefully continuing to talk about something of interest, is developing a following on WordPress itself. Apparently over 400 million people checkout over 14 billion pages every month so there’s definitely some wiggle room for me there. The one concern I have is that I write about whatever. Maybe I do or see something over the course of the day, or maybe I think of something that makes me chuckle. That’s what i write about. It seems like a lot of other people only write about their progress in learning traditional Vietnamese cooking. (AND ALTHOUGH WE WRITE ABOUT DIFFERENT THINGS I LIKED YOUR POST AND FOLLOWED YOUR BLOG AND NOTICED YOU DIDN’T FOLLOW ME BACK) Without a defined topic, creating an initial following may be somewhat difficult, but I think with some networking effort I should be just fine. I’m thinking about changing the name of the blog, too. What I’ve got right now wasn’t serious, but also due to the fact that I write about whatever I was having trouble coming up with a proper, shorter, all encompassing title. For some reason I found myself thinking about Bob Loblaw (it’s fun to say)  from Arrested Development, another favorite show of mine. He’s an attorney in the show and at one point in the series it’s pointed out that he’s working on a blog of his own. Bob Loblaw Law Blog, it’s a beautiful thing. That’s the kind of name I’m shooting for.  END


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