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I realized today that I’ve been spending too much time complaining about having nothing to do instead of cutting out all the whining and making something of myself. This teenage angst is about 4 months out of place and that simply can’t be me anymore. I’m a man, I’m 20! Well I’ve started trying to come up with some options. This blog is a little project, but I’ve got nothing but time these days so I figure I oughta pick up a new talent or maybe come up with something else to work on. I’ve been thinking about picking up day trading. In my public relations class this last semester we learned about high-frequency trading where these supercomputers are programmed to make trades on all sorts of different stocks as long as they profit at least 3 cents. They trade like a bajillion times a day and make mega guap. There’s a lot of argument over high-frequency trading though because among other things, if the programming can be replicated between different trading organizations, it simply comes down to who has the quicker internet connection and processing because the first person to make the move wins. All of this is over my head so I won’t go any further, but I don’t think I lead you too far astray so far. Basically I think if I read up on my stuff for a day or two I will be able to compete with, if not render obsolete, these supercomputers. Tom trying to learn about stocks and outperform supercomputers be like. I think Shia won an Oscar for his performance in the second Transformers movie. I won’t bother looking it up because I’m pretty sure that scene alone is enough evidence. But honestly that’s just one option. I’ve also been thinking about picking up contact juggling. Remember that one Christmas when you got one of these for everyone in your extended family? Remember how little magic and sorcery your relatives exhibited as they became completely disinterested in the ball within minutes? Well the thing is the Fushigi ball isn’t magic and just because you have a Fushigi doesn’t automatically make you an expert contact juggler. It’s not like the magic pill that makes you makes you look 20 years younger. (Sally got a Fushigi. Contact jugglers hate her!) You have to put time and effort into mastering the skill just like anything else. Apparently if you accidentally get really into contact juggling you end up being able to do stuff like this. You’ll notice that many of his moves appear to be similar to those seen in the Fushigi commercial. However, you’ll also notice that he uses an annotation to complete separate himself from the dark wizardry that the Fushigi is. If you make it all the way through you’ll see that he’s hoping for monetary donations for his performance. I get it, he performed a service. He was a source of entertainment. I guess it’s just that more often than not I’m not blown away by a street performance. Let this post serve as a call to action. A demand for street performers to step their game up. I want only the realest in the streets. Maybe we need drafts, minor league farm team systems, and call ups and send downs. If you aren’t top tier, work harder to get there. Contact juggling appears to be as worthwhile of a talent as freestyle finger snapping, but I suppose somebody has to do it. Something tells me the two talents attract somewhat similar crowds. I may have talked myself out of spending some of my free time becoming a Fushigi warlock, but I do think it was a step in the right direction. I’ve always been pretty passionate about Tuvan throat singing. It’s like yodeling’s unknown step-brother, but way way cooler. After doing some light research, apparently I only need to practice a 7 step process and I should be able to fine tune my vocalizations. I kinda thought I might need some recessive gene or maybe years of training under a senpai so this is great news. If I got to wear getup similar to my dude Kongar-ol Ondar and looked only half as happy as he does I would be absolutely set. The usefulness of this talent is also somewhat questionable, but if it came to me rising up through the street performance ranks, I really think I’d be in a league of my own. I’ll make a Goodwill trip sometime this week in hopes of acquiring some traditional Tuvan garb. I think getting into character first before I start working my way through the 7 step process will enhance my results.  

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  1. Tom, another quality post! For anyone else I would say starting this well, with posts so interesting and creative would be unbelievable. However, knowing you as I do, I must say that I fully expected you to come out of the gate, charge ahead, and jump strait to the rail. Please keep up the good work, and in time, you’ll be getting a lot of respect! Take a lesson from California Chrome: one race at a time and you never know, you may be an $8,000 horse trying to be the first Triple Crown winner in 36 years. Use this formula to convert to human equivalent: 1/((E^5)*s)

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