This whole not having a car thing is killing me. I used to whip around in the little Subaru or the Highlander depending on what car Dad took, but the Subaru started getting just a little bit too old and the parents decided to sell her instead of instead of continuing to put in more time and cash. I can’t be too upset, I’ve mostly had a car to myself the majority of the time I’ve had my license. The issue is I got pretty gosh darn used to it and being stuck without one now is proving to be quite the hindrance. Sometimes mom can work from home so that’s nice and I can use hers. Dad’s been coming home at lunch most other days so I can drop him off back at work and have his car for the afternoon. Honestly that’s been a pretty good gig and they’re helping me out a lot, but the issue is I hate having to ask them for their cars and I know I have to have it back to them for whenever they need it. It’s just kind of bummy knowing I can’t go on any real adventures of own. Today I didn’t feel like going to the gym or throwing any disc. I’ve basically just sat around, but I guess this afternoon post is somewhat productive. Taking the day off from the gym may not have been such a stellar idea though because I’m just two weeks into Summer and being at home is absolutely killing me. Not leaving the house today is really magnifying the issue. Throughout my brothers college career he was involved with some pretty cool internships taking him to places like Washington state, Utah, Colorado, California, kind of all over. I think it was his own travels that kind of sparked my parents to start adventuring a little on their own. Before my brother started doing all this most vacations were to Rhode Island to see family, Florida during spring break to see some spring training baseball, or centered around travel baseball/soccer tournaments like Charleston, South Carolina or Virginia Beach. The first serious trip was to visit my brother in southwest Utah. I got to make my way through Zion National Park (Maybe my favorite, but also maybe because it was my first) Bryce Canyon National Park and we also made our way south to the Grand Canyon, too. Flying in and out of Las Vegas was a whole nother trip in itself. There I was in the front row on the far side of the ride. The girl I was next to was from Texas. That’s all I know about her, but I have full confidence that one day I will find her again. Her friends let me sit front row next to her so clearly they were picking up what I was putting down. The top of the Stratosphere Hotel is right around 1000 feet above the city streets where this ride was. Honestly, I was much more scared walking around on top of the building than I was strapped into the rides hanging off of the side. The year after we met my brother in Colorado where I got to see a lot of the state, but most importantly Rocky Mountain National Park. Last Summer I made it all the way to the Pacific coast and got to see a ton of northern California. This picture of Yosemite National Park is around May Lake where I scrambled up to a higher vantage point and took the picture. So you see, this is where the problem is. I’ve been pampered enough to see a lot of the world. But even in all my travels I’ve seen and discovered relatively so little. Me and my friends joke about wanting to see everything. I guess it’s not actually funny to anyone else, but to us it is. It doesn’t seem that complicated, seeing everything. But there’s also just so much to see the seemingly simple goal is borderline impossible. I refuse to say undoubtedly impossible, well becauseSo here I am trapped in my house without a car trying to see the world. It’s devastating it really is. I still haven’t made it out of the country so that’s high on the list, but there’s really plenty more for me to see in the states as well. I feel like people think they need to go abroad in their travels, and while that’s about all I want in my life right now I realize there is so much to see here. Even in my home state North Carolina I’ve hang-glided, zip-lined, white water rafted, climbed mountains, snowboarded, surfed, gotten my shorts ripped off tubing… I guess I’m just in need of my next adventure and I’m trying to figure out how to go about making it happen.

I tried putting these pictures in the post, but it looked awful and I’m still learning about formatting and all that jazz so here they are in order: The Narrows at Zion, Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon, X-Scream on the Stratosphere Hotel, Mills Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park, and the panorama of May Lake at Yosemite.



grand canyon






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