Donald Glover

Because The Internet

Post number two went a lot more like what I initially had in mind for whatever I’m doing here with my own WordPress account. After I finished up writing and read it over one time just to avoid any blatant mistakes so I don’t look any dumber than I need to, I was kind of excited to post it. Still haven’t bothered to tell anyone about any of this, but I definitely felt like it was something worth reading. Maybe not entirely worth reading. At least something to distract you for a couple minutes. I guess you just have to deal with that awkward first attempt. That first post is really just an ice breaker. It’s like when you walk up to that cute girl you don’t know and say, “Hey, do you know how much a polar bear weighs?” And she says, “Well an adult male can weigh up to almost 1,600 pounds, but females normally only grow to half that size.” And then you realize that your stupid ice breaker line didn’t work, but you may have very well just found the love of your life. Yeah, that’s what your first blog post is like. This morning I actually realized that I was excited to move through the day and post again later at night. I kept to a strict schedule today: wake up, eat, gym, disc, groceries. Actually there was a little more to it. I watched the screenplay that’s supposed to go along with Childish Gambino’s album, Because The Internet. Then I watched a video short that he wrote and acted in called, Clapping For the Wrong Reasons. Maybe you better know him as Troy from the show Community (one of my favorite tv characters along with his his buddy, Abed) but before all that Donald Glover was a writer for another one of my favorite shows, 30 Rock. He’s done stand up and plenty of other stuff and I just think he’s a real talented, interesting dude. I kept on watching all of this on YouTube and having to watch the related videos and before I knew it I was making my way through music videos and interviews. It can be tough not getting too sidetracked and avoiding that weird part of YouTube, but I was able to stay relatively focused on my initial mission. Granted I did watch more Danny Brown interviews than I care to admit. That guy is something else. There was one interview that I thought was particularly interesting. That’s right, check the link game. Glover’s been plenty successful, but in the interview and plenty of other stuff I’ve seen he seems so shy and uncertain. He mentions being insecure and and even in the interview it seems like he’s trapped in his mind a bit. His thoughts and words are so calculated, but to the point where there is too many calculations going on. I can relate to him. Unfortunately not in the massive success aspect yet, although a quick google search yields no documents crediting Glover with playing on a 4th place in the state little league all stars baseball team (Plus 1 for Tom). But I can relate to his calculeity, which is a word I’m coining here. I wonder sometimes you know. There’s a lot of stuff to think about and if you catch yourself really thinking you might just get lost. Glover left Community before the show was over (Come on now #sixseasonsandamovie) and mentioned that he wanted to do other things. Not that he had big plans for a stand up tour, or focusing on his music, he just couldn’t be tied down to something and wanted to see what was out there. It’s like he’s still trying to figure out who he is, find his voice so to speak. I feel you my man, I just want to be relevant. Maybe I should set my goals a little higher, but I’m not asking for much. I like the idea of people knowing who I am, or at least hearing what I have to say. I’m not really trying to be famous, maybe Vine famous or something (by the way that’s a whole nother post, Vine is bonkers) but I like the idea of getting to share my thoughts and actually have them acknowledged. Like I super hope that if I ever tell people about this (I keep going back and forth in my confidence) I end up having a a good handful of people that are actually interested in a tidbit of the the synapse blasts of my mind). That’s why I was hoping for some sort of advertising/social media marketing type internship this summer. I just like the idea of sending out a message. Tryna build up some serious social media presence, you know. Well I sent my last checking in email today so I’ve got that one last hope, but I think pretty soon I’ll be seeing what’s going on during the second summer session at school. Or maybe I’ll just start walking and seeing how far I get. I’ve been thinking a lot about that recently, too.

Donald Glover as Troy Barnes as KickPuncher, the cybernetically enhanced police officer whose punches have the power of kicks.




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