Getting Started

Well I didn’t get an internship…

So I decided that I ought to start up a little project of my own. I’m not sure if this blog is to spite the roughly 20 advertising and social media marketing companies that were uninterested in dealing with me for the summer, some sort of therapeutic emotional release to retain sanity, or perhaps my first step towards blogosphere omnipotence, but we’re just going to go with it for now. Before we really get going I guess I’ll voice a few concerns running through my head as I write this first post.

1. I’m not positive my writing skills are strong enough to convey my biting sarcasm or impeccable comedic timing.

2. I’m disinterested in the formalities of academic writing and much prefer to layout my thoughts in a stream of consciousness format.I tried to come up with some ritzy saying about how I’m only using the backspace button for the spelling errors I’m making, but that simply is just not true. I was going above and beyond including a numerical list in this first post and honestly I’m not sure I’m ready for it/don’t care to continue it so I’m bagging it here. Maybe I’ll throw in some line skips or indentions to incorporate some sort of professionalism. Apparently indentions is not a word, but as a blogger I reserve the right to make up as many words as I see fit and I plan to ignore indentation as an option. I’ve got a handful of ideas for the blog. Maybe some day to day happenings, maybe just a collection of the random thoughts I have throughout the day, maybe descriptions of my hopes and dreams. I don’t think I’ll get too crazy at the beginning though. I’d like to develop some sort of audience before I start offending people. That’s plan A at least. If that fails I have plans to adapt extremely polarized views and only post during the witching hour in hopes of developing some sort of cult following. My posts will only be available for 100 views and my sensational grasp of supply and demand will promote my blog to the  upper echelon of the blogging world. That’s not plan B though, I’ll try to figure out something before that. I’m not impressed with how this is going so far, so definitely don’t write that option off yet. I don’t know why I thought I might be capable of doing something like this. Thoughts in my head work out just fine, but somewhere between mind and keys I’m having trouble getting everything down. I figured this might be good for me because I’ve got nothing but time on my hands these days and I’m doing a lot of thinking. Sometimes too much, I think. (You got the joke right there, yeah?) I hoped getting all my astounding ideas down might keep me from moving on to the next brilliant idea too soon and forgetting all of them. Some sort of collection. I used to hate taking pictures and refused to get in them, but then I grew up a little I guess and embraced them for the nostalgia and sentiment creating devices that they are. Perhaps if I get enough of my bogus ideas down here I’ll come back to them one day and do something with them. It also just might be funny to read this a ways down the road and laugh at the terrible ideas I had. I’ve always laughed at the person I used to be. I’m not sure if that’s sad or a healthy way to live. My ninth grade self laughed at how dumb I was as an eighth grader. Senior year of high school I laughed at my freshman self. Today I laughed at my yesterday self because I got a small grease burn on my stomach from cooking without a shirt on. Today I wore a jacket during my frying pan work. I’ve always thought I’m a pretty cool dude, but you look back and just laugh. Today was a pretty good day. I think it was because I was a saddie yesterday because I 91.4% accepted I won’t be interning anywhere and the man had me down because society says I should be performing certain real life human activities to make it as an adult. However, today I realized I’ve never much liked doing things the way they’re supposed to be done so to speak so I’ll be fine for the time being. I had way more ideas for the first post earlier today, but I’m coming short now. I’ll try to do better next time. Now I need blogs for my blog, blogception perhaps. END



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