Coming of Age

Take 2

Well upon completion of the post I wrote yesterday I was pretty unimpressed with how it worked out. However, I did decide that I’ve got to give it a handful of shots before I really decide if I want to bag the idea after all. I think yesterday I was too worried about writing the highly profitable, award winning blog that I envision this becomes and instead stepped away from my layman writing strategy that I normally implement. You see, I’m a simple man. Well actually I’m not sure. No we’re definitely going with simple. At this point in time I’m not really interested in writing about anything that you need to do prior research on, I don’t have hopes to so impress you with my labyrinthine lexicon that you’re googling “(insert cool sounding word here) definition” every few lines, and I’m kind of just banking on the fact that I can grasp people’s attention enough with my every day trials and tribulations and they read my posts from time to time. The moral of the story is that I’m gonna make myself write a few more of these at the least. Today wasn’t so different from the other 13 days I’ve been out of school. I made it to the gym for a killer bi,back, and shoulder shred session and then went and played the UNC disc golf course. Two rounds of disc today because it was simply too nice to call it quits after one. They weren’t my best rounds, but that’s not to say that there weren’t a whole lot of birds out there today. Again, I didn’t hear back from any of the internships that I’ve applied to and sent ‘checking in’ emails to. Mama always says the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but I’m just over here squeaking. It’s pretty frustrated to never hear back from some of these companies. I know I’m not exactly dropping new material on you hear, but all I’m asking is that you completely disrespect and annihilate my dreams instead of refusing the courtesy to keep them from floating away towards nonexistence. The most frustrating part of it for me is the fact that I know I’m not incredibly impressive on paper and there’s only so much personality that I can convey through a concise, formal, business-like email. Maybe that’s where I’m wrong. Maybe I should send the psychological study on sushi preference decision making that my dad sent me today something a little less formal, something that shows who I am. I’ve struggled in this position in the past. In writing my essays for applications to college I wanted to write a little more like I am doing so here and a little less how they advised me to in Academia as a way to show them who I am. Mother on the other hand edited my writing in a much more formal manner and blah blah I got into the schools I applied to so whatever. It just comes down to the question of doing what you’re “supposed” to do vs. doing what I want to do. I don’t think either option is right and I suppose that inevitable controversy that we all face in our lives and how we deal with it is exactly what defines us. At this point in time I’m not certain that I understand what I’m saying. I think I just don’t know the answer to my own question of whether to act how I think I should act or act how I want to and am projecting it onto society as some philosophical metaphorical mountain we all must climb. To get back to what I was saying, I was just really hoping that someone would give me the opportunity to interview for a position so that I could simply sit down and talk to them and show them I’m a real person and not just some resume junkie. But before I go further on interviews, and to everyone keeping score at home, let’s just all take a second to note the fact that I managed to incorporate the ever sought after blog strikethrough in only my second post. Ignoring whether or not I’ve utilized the tool correctly, this thing is really taking off! Despite certain fear of an interview knowing the stakes of the situation, I still think my skill set and personality has me favored in an interview much more so than I do sending in a resume and cover letter. I get in there and I show them they won’t hate working with me for the 10 weeks or whatever the allotted time is. They might even accidentally like me being there if they give me the chance. I ask questions that show I mean business like, If I start right now, what will I be working on? This questions shows initiative and desire to work. The boss comes in and he or she requests to arm wrestle. I’m prepared for this though. I politely decline because you never show your teeth to the alpha. It’s terribly disrespectful and honestly too much of a power-move to incorporate into your interview stratagem. Next the interviewer asks me some incredibly open ended question with the purpose of weeding out the aforementioned ‘resume junkies’ from the real humans. Something like, Tell me about an experience involving diversity in your life. Go ahead and hire me now. There are very exceptional, textbook answers to a question like that. Answers a resume junkie has programmed in his or her mind ready to spit out verbatim. I’m not textbook though. I’m choose your own ending. I tell the bagel story. They love the bagel story. I am hired. Honestly the bagel story deserves its own blog. I don’t want to hype it too much, and now certainly isn’t the time to tell it, but I’ll see what I can do. Maybe save it for a rainy day. The moral of today’s story is that i still don’t have an internship and probably won’t get one, but I’m still out here throwing iron and discs around and seeing what I can do about making something of myself. END


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